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Thomas Vanz's

Colors of Invisible


Intention's note

I’m happy to announce the release of my first piano album « Colors of Invisible ».

It’s been a while since I’m dreaming about having my own upright piano and start recording music alongside my visuals and experimental work.


For all those years, I believed the notions of microscopically small and limitlessly vast are one and the same. As a filmmaker, my work has dealt with such phenomena as a supernova and an imagination of how one might experience falling into a black hole; the former achieved by filming drops of ink in water, and the latter by looking at macroscopic chemical reactions.


In both cases, my method of conveying the incomprehensibly large is to look at the minutiae in front of us. My debut album Colors of Invisible opts for a simple instrumental palette, and in doing so crafts a sonic world that is anything but.

Across fifteen tracks I use the piano as my primary voice, performing minimalist harmonic cycles that expand over time, meditating on the timbre of the instrument whilst alluding to far broader thematic motifs.


Thematically, Colors of Invisible is grounded by the notion of ‘being under the microscope’, and delves into this in a multitude of ways. Whilst my mission is to find moments of meaning and spiritual grace amidst the invisible, I am aware of the inherent limitations in such a pursuit, accepting that mysteries will remain mysteries, and mindful that a goal to provide finite answers or conclusions would be naive. Instead, the aim is to create a vessel into these moments of abstract cosmic fusion, both hopeful and emotive.


Colours of Invisible is the universe in a teacup, forever in awe at the universe around us, and comfortable in its aim to search for singular moments amidst the chaos.


Written and produced by Thomas Vanz
Mix by Julien Creus
Mastering by Thomas Vanz
WAIT ft Lynn & Invisible mastered by Micka Rangeard

Graphic design and artwork by Singe 2.0

Graphic design assistance by Jack Dominy

℗ © 2023 Mesh under exclusive licence from Le Sofa


Roman Hill and I have crafted a series of films to illustrate some of the album's most powerful tracks, forming a story about the invisible, which has always been our goal to reveal. Each one are a chapter of an experiment aiming to reveal something that is hidden to human.

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